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Customized Corporate Solutions

Universities in South Africa are successful in creating graduates in all sectors. Unfortunately many of these graduates find themselves unemployed as their lack of practical experience prevents them from securing employment.

In a corporate environment, managers and executives are constantly faced with the need to obtain practical and updated management training but are sometimes not afforded the luxury of time to pursue such training.

The aim of the Royal Business School is not to try and create graduates with a short course or programme, but rather to bypass the traditional and didactic methods of training and to provide learners with practical tools that would expose them to the experience of others, thus providing a platform for accelerated learning.

 Achievement of this aim will lead to more business growth, which will enable participants to meet the demands of the corporate jungle and excel in exceeding the expectations of clients and stakeholders alike. 

Key suppliers include highly trained and experienced facilitators and trainers and all programmes are developed according to the identified need combining comprehensive and evaluated self-study with facilitated workshops. 

Management development programmes to the corporate sector are tailored to the needs of the specific organisation and the industry in which it operates. We have refined a process model best suited to the corporate training and education environment, diagram below.

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