1. Contact & Conceptualization – First contact with client to present services and determine any training requirements.
  2.  Needs Assessment – Ascertain the needs of learners within the company and acquire specific outcomes and skills required. Logistical arrangements are determined.

  3. Design & Development – The training programme is aligned with the specific requirements as set out by the client. Final costs and project timelines are determined.


  4. Client Evaluation & Quality Assurance – Meeting with client to determine if the curriculum set meets their standards and outcomes. Final contract is signed off.
  5. Conduct Training – The training session will be delivered.
  6. Certification – The Business School of South Africa will award a Certificate of Attendance to each learner immediately on completion of the training session. Should Certificates of Competence be required for programmes aligned to Unit Standards, the relevant assessments will be carried out.
  7. Client Report - Back & General Assessment – A detailed report will be handed over to the client at a final meeting in closure of the project. 


Contact us for a complete proposal tailored to your specific training needs. Costs can be negotiated depending on the number of participants and location of training.