Pay As You Learn Classes

Pay As You Learn Classes



Royal provides tutoring classes for students learning through correspondence universities, and high school students with programs that are exam focus. Our classes are very efficient in terms of mentoring students in their subjects, hence they can manage to pass there exams with good marks. With Royal your study life will become much easier.

At Royal we pride ourselves in having all the right qualities and desirable elements that will give each student the perfect learning  experience.



These are group classes given to UNISA students and high school students.  This program is designed for students who just want to attend classes for topics/areas that they are struggling with.

Each subject have a timetable. Students have to check which day will the Topic you need help will be lectured and enrol for that specific class only.

  • Each class you attend cost R220 per session


Pay As You Learn Terms

  • If you wish to pay as you learn, you will have to enrol and pay for the class R220 before attending class.
  • Payments can be made in our bank account or at our premises(cash only)
  • If Payments were done through the bank,proof of payment must be emailed for faxed to us. Email: admin@royaltutoring.co.za Fax: 086 585 4986


 Timetable for Pay As You Learn Students

 * On our website under the tab Unisa Classes, select drop menu Timetables. Click on the subject you interested in     and the timetable will appear.

To find out more information please e-mail: admin@royaltutoring.co.za, Tel: Precious 083 425 9100 or Donald on 062 570 5043



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