About Icb

About Icb

ICB have been around since 1931. ICB was establishedto improve and maintain the quality of bookkeeping, accounting, office administration and financial management training and qualifications in southern Africa.

Financial qualifications are no longer ‘just for university graduates’. Times – and tuition – have changed. Financial literacy is a scarce skill – and if you have it, it can open doors for you in almost every sector of the economy.

So whether you’ve just left school or are already working, you can study towards an internationally recognized ICB qualification and become a financialaccountant in the private or public sectors; an officemanager; or learn how to manage the financesof a small business.

Royal Tutoring South Africa provides face-to-face tuition for Part-time Tutoring for all ICB courses. Offering students additional services and helping them excel in their studies.


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For more information about ICB please go to: http://​www.icb.org.za

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